Quran Translation

Reading the holy Quran with translation makes its easy to understand and it fulfils an Islamic duty. The holy Quran revealed in Arabic. While reading the holy Quran without understanding has a great reward but as being a Muslim it is difficult for those who don’t know Arabic that what the Quran is demanding from them.

Here are some benefits of acting upon the holy Quran as described in Ahaadith.

  • The Qur’an will be a proof for us on the Day of Judgment.
  • The Qur’an will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment.
  • Your status in this life will be raised.
  • You will be from the best of the people.
  • There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Qur’an.
  • The reciters of the Qur’an will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels.
  • Your position in Paradise is determined by the amount of Qur’an you memorize in this life!
  • The Qur’an will lead you to Paradise!