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Whoever memorizes Quran and acts upon it, Allah will reward and honor him greatly for this noble deed, so that his status will be raised in Paradise to a level proportionate with what he memorized. The meaning of hadith “companion of the Quran” is the one who memorizes it by heart, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “The one who knows more Quran should lead the people in prayer,” meaning the one who has memorized the most.

Al Quran Online Learning has a very good experience of helping students to memorize Quran online. We know how a student goes verse by verse and gradually leads to the final destination.

We use very simple and effective methodology so that a student can memorize Quran in very less time. A school going kid can also get this great opportunity if he has interest and determination to memorize Quran. Join us to Memorize Quran online and get a free trial class.

Memorize Quran Online in very easy method and only in three portions:

1) New Lesson (Sabaq)

This is the portion of new a lesson you will be memorizing every day.

2) New Memorized Portion (Sabaqi)

This is the amount of newly memorized verses which you’ve memorized in current 2-4 weeks. This part is very much important, it will determine if the verses you have memorized will be solid for your life or not.

3) Old Memorized Portion (Manzil)

This is part of the Holy Quran you have memorized and reviewed for at least 20 to 30 days consecutively. The amount you review and recite to your teacher depends on how much Qur’an you’ve memorized. Once you have memorized the whole, you’ll be left with the old memorization only. This will continue for the rest of the life as keeping it fix is a great responsibility.